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Where it all started ....

Something happened eight years ago that changed my life - I was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer.  Fear and the unknown immobilized me.  You'll never hear me say that cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me, but it did teach me a lot.  I learned how to research for myself.  I learned how powerful ones mind is.  I learned forgiveness.

After being scared into six weeks of ineffective chemotherapy and radiation, I listened to my inner voice, stopped all conventional medicine, and was led into the hands of alternative/complementary medicine.  Twenty months later I was cancer free - naturally!  I thank God every day that I listened to my inner guidance system.  My life would be very different if I had a permanent colostomy.

My husband Jack thought it would be healing for me to write a book about what we learned in those twenty months.  I told him no problem - "I'll have you a book in three months".  Three and a half years later (in 2017), the book "Guided Cure" was published.  I often kid that it was easier to cure the cancer then write the book.  By its popularity, the book also revealed that many people were interested in learning how to heal naturally.  So in November 2018, we created a conference called "Let There Be Health", to share the choices one has when it comes to healing.

Twenty eight community partners and over two hundred attendees came to learn about natural healing.  People shared how financially devastating a cancer diagnosis is on their family.  On June 17, 2019, my husband and I founded "Let There Be Health 501(C)(3)", a Non Profit Corporation to aid people who experience financial difficulties when diagnosed with cancer.  LTBH is on a mission to empower all who want to know their choices when it comes to their health.  We are financially assisting people who choose complementary/alternative modalities.  

I feel privileged to wake up every morning and spread the good news about choices when it comes to healthcare!

Paula Beiger
Cancer Thriver
Founder - Let There Be Health 501(C)(3) Non Profit


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