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Guided Cure: A Natural Healing Memoir

Guided Cure is a story about how, like a train wreck, cancer disrupts the lives of families. Once the shock of the diagnosis wanes, you design a game plan to win the fight of your life. But once you begin to thrive and then survive, the healing never ends. You are compelled to share. Once you know the truth about cancer, you cannot unlearn it.

Hope and Miracles: Stories That Inspire

Hope and Miracles is a collection of stories of individuals and families who have overcome personal adversity. They have triumphed in the face of troubles in mental health, illness and death.  Starts with poem, ends with a meditation, with 10 inspirational stories in between--and a cover that is a true work of art from local artist Thomas Kelly.

A percentage of all book sales (100% of Hope and Miracles) benefit cancer thrivers...

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